Nice to have you here!
I’m Iva, an artist-turned-UX designer based in Berlin.

A portrait of Iva, sitting down, wearing a grey shirt and glasses. She is facing the camera and smiling.
I switched careers — from creating site-specific installations for an art experience to designing delightful practical solutions for people’s needs. I found my place in UX design where I can use my mathematical thinking and creative powers, towards tangible and useful products, something I felt was missing in my art practice.

Art as experience & User experience design.

I see both art and UX design as problem solving that inevitably involves problem defining — diving deep into research, listening with empathy, synthesizing findings and uncovering patterns. I found out that I love communicating complex issues into concise bits, iterating on ideas and fleshing out visual designs.

See my art practice

All roads led me to UX design.

Art is just one of the threads that led me to where I am today. In the past, I have worked as event organizer, photographer and graphic designer. All these built up Iva, the UX designer, who has a keen eye for details, loves prototyping, is obsessed with accessibility and inclusive design and aspires to incorporate outstanding writing into the mix.

What I would love to do.

Now I want to apply my various knowledge and skills in an organization that provides a meaningful product or service, where I can work in and learn from a diverse team, creating inclusive design solutions to empower people.

I am open for contract and freelance work opportunities in Berlin, as well as collaborative projects for good or for fun.

Curious to know more about me?

In my free time I am meditating, reading, running and hiking.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in design collaboration, art, any of the above mentioned activities and anything in between.